Design Elements

  1. Easy-to-apply adaptability, appeal, customized elements
  2. Reasonable price-range to suit various budgets
  3. Meet and exceed all local applicable building codes. Construction system is adaptable to regional building codes
  4. Health and safety standards that meet and exceed local applicable codes and meet relevant international codes.


Designed and built using “green” principles, with the process starting by harvesting from sustainably managed forests, adhering to the strictest extraction codes and guidelines. Employing our factory-controlled process and waste-management plan means that homes are built to specific measurements, ensuring maximization of resources and minimized generation of wastage during construction. Materials are recycled, with controlled inventory and protection of all building materials. As a result of constructing in an enclosed environment using dry materials, the potential for increased levels of moisture being trapped in the lumber is also minimized.

The adoption of “Green Technologies” as necessary:

  1. Solar powered LED lighting and small power
  2. Appropriate building orientation and careful selection of cladding materials for passive cooling
  3. Water saving WC’s


Built to approved construction standards and codes, with grade-A materials that have been tested, monitored, improved and perfected over time. Our experienced team of engineers, technicians, craftsmen and assemblers guarantee that all components are built with structural rigidity through our quality control processes. With standardized, precision cuts, our homes are also designed to withstand the rigors of shipping as well as adverse weather condition and are resistant to insect attacks and decay.


Engineered with the most modern construction techniques, a DuraVilla modular timber home is designed to maximize energy efficiency. The construction process allows for ease in identifying and filling gaps around pipes, electrical outlets, windows, doors and external sheathing. The panels are airtight and well-insulated, ensuring low infiltration rates, resulting in minimized heating and cooling costs. The systems keep the home free from draught and cold spots, which redound to consistent temperature throughout.


By utilizing repetitive techniques and heavy-duty equipment, the DuraVilla Homes team is able to complete a home in minimal time without compromising quality and integrity of the structure. Construction takes place within an enclosed environment, eliminating all setbacks such as adverse weather conditions, which usually cause delays to onsite construction. Assembly of our homes are undertaken in 60 days.


A DuraVilla timber modular home is priced to specification, therefore, once a contract is finalized, the quoted price is guaranteed. There are no hidden or emergent fees subsequent to construction. Costs overruns resulting from on-site design changes and increased labor charges are also eliminated. There will be a proportionate saving in costs from internal economies of scale in production. External economies will be obtained from purchasing a high percentage of locally harvested raw materials. These cost-saving strategies will result in the supply of affordable homes.

Flexible Designs

Allows for contemporary or antique, flexible designs and offers an array of interior and exterior customizations that will further enhance the uniqueness of the homes. Homes can be elevated and be constructed with accessibility/wheelchair ramps.

Designed to be flat-packed and transported/shipped to any destination and can be installed on both flat and sloped terrain.

Our building kit includes the following components:

  1. Walls - Factory built timber framed modular panels with ½” gypsum and cement board surfaces with timber and shingle surfaces on the outside.
  2. Beams – UC Columns and “C” channel beams OR Timber posts and beam system
  3. Roof – For a natural product, our Sandura® Wood shingles are recommended. Alternatively, other roofing product such as Galvanized corrugated roof is sheathing will be quite suitable.
  4. Doors – Interior doors are made of medium density wood and exterior doors are solid hardwood or metal doors are provided for exterior.
  5. Flooring – Timber strip flooring on battens set on concrete floor.
  6. Windows – Aluminum/Wood/Vinyl framing

It is quite okay to paint hardwoods. Any oil-based paint will work well for interior or exterior application.

The natural color of wood will fade within several months after full exposure to sun. There are certain brands of wood coating which can be used to block the UV and keep the wood looking natural. Depending on the product it can last up to 3 years if applied correctly.

Depending on your choice, we can offer hardwood flooring, composite, or tile. Hardwood flooring is preferred in non-wet areas. The typical flooring size is 1 inch thick and 4 or 6 inches wide. The lengths are random 4’-12’.

Floor plans can be modified. Spaces are adaptable to suit the needs of the homeowner (expanded or reduced sizes).

Entry doors are generally made of solid tropical hardwoods such as Purpleheart, Kabukalli, Mora, etc. The internal doors are usually painted pine doors. However, you can choose to have your internal doors in tropical hardwoods if you prefer. The cost for hardwood doors are at least 70% more costly that pine doors.

A modular home is not a mobile/manufactured home; it is simply a home that is built off-site. It cannot be moved from one location to another.

An average 600-1000 SF house can be constructed in less than 4 weeks. The entire envelope of the home can be completed within one week.

Depending on your location, we can send a technical representative to work with your local contracting team or we can provide an entire team to construct the house.