Introducing an eco-friendly modular housing method using local, sustainably harvested hardwoods.

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About Duravilla

What makes this company's eco-Lodges homes special?

The company’s strength stems from its employees’ passion and leadership vision. Recently, DuraVilla began setting up a factory for Modular Timber Homes. Over the last 10 years, they’ve enhanced their technology, introducing a building system with a wind and watertight wooden frame.

DuraVilla has positioned itself undertake the 1000 homes using our own building system as a partner and supplier to Affordable Housing Solutions.


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Meet our benefits

DuraVilla has positioned itself to manufacture the prefab homes using our own building system that can be tailored to meet your specific design, site and budget.

  • 01
    Manufactured locally with sustainable raw materials
  • 02
    Ability to increase capacity to meet volume-demand
  • 03
    Produced in a factory which controls cost and quality
  • 04
    Ability to control cost and maintain manufacturing standards
  • 05
    Engineered modular components to facilitate expansion of homes
  • 06
    Unique attractive designs
  • 07
    Proven by experience across a diverse range of projects

Stages of our work

The ‘ready-to-build framework’ concept is essentially a prefabricated timber home structure that is assembled by an experienced team specialized in this type of technology. Assembly includes the following steps:

Panel Installation
Roof Installation
Internal finishing

Our Construction System

DuraVilla’s timber construction system is a registered trademarked method. All timber materials are pre-cut, calibrated, treated, graded, standardized, hurricane-resistant, factory-produced trusses. The quality of materials used and the assembly system both meet rigorous specifications.

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